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For homeowners that do not want to rely on a local alarm system to make noise when a burglar attempts to break in, a monitored home security system would be the best solution for them. A monitored system is connected to an alarm monitoring company that watches over that system 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

There are plenty more advantages to a monitored home security system than there are disadvantages. You will find them listed below.


24/7 Protection – When you have a certified central station monitoring your home alarm, you do not need to worry about your home when you are away from it for any amount of time. Whether you are at work for a few hours or on vacation for a week, your monitored home security system will protect your home while you are away.

Even when you are home, the monitoring enter is watching out for it. Although burglars prefer to work on your home while you are away, some will not hesitate to come in while you are home. If an alarm signal is received from your monitored home security system—no matter if it is day or night—an alarm monitoring company will call right away and get immediate help to your home if it is needed.

Lower Insurance Premiums – Many are enjoying lower home insurance premiums thanks in part to their monitored house alarm  systems. Depending on your insurance carrier, you can get up to a 20% discount off your insurance premiums just by choosing to have your security system monitored.

Determent – When thieves know that a residence is protected by a monitored home security system, chances are they are going to move on to another home, preferably an unprotected home. The best way to let thieves know that you have a monitored system in your home is by displaying the yard signs and decals that the installing company provides you after they set up the alarm system in your home.


Cut Phone Lines – If you have your monitored home security system connected by phone line only and chose not to have a cellular radio installed, either as a back-up or primary form of alarm transmission, a monitoring center may not get the signal when a burglar breaks in. That is because once the burglar cuts the phone line, your home loses all communication with the alarm monitoring center.

If you are going to have a monitored home security system in your place of residence, you may want to consider getting a cell radio installed. As mentioned, thieves will generally move on when they see evidence that your home alarm is being monitored. However, if they really want to get into your home, they will cut your phone lines in an attempt to cut you off from your monitoring center. Beat them at their own game by getting a cellular radio installed.

Cost – There is an expense that comes with alarm monitoring. While prices will vary by company and services, it is safe to say that a good monitoring company will charge at least $1 a day for alarm monitoring. To some people, this is an expense they just don‘t want to pay. Yet, given all the advantages to having a monitored home security system, it makes no sense not to take advantage of this great service.

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